Portraiture by Jen

Captivating Newborn, Maternity, and Family Photography

in Warren, Michigan & Metro Detroit

Memories are pictures in your heart....

From the moment you discover there’s a little one on the way, life takes on new meaning,

Prenatal exams turn into 3 a.m. feedings in the blink of an eye…

And before you can say “How much do braces cost?” you’re racing to get them to scout meetings, soccer… or the driver’s test.

You want to hold on to every precious moment —but how can you when family life never slows down?

 …But photographs are memories in your hands.

I started Portraiture by Jen (previously known as “The Family Room”) in 2005 to help families like yours do just that.

Welcome! I'm Jennifer.

I’ve been gazing at the world through a camera lens since I was a kid… even before the world went digital.

When I became a mom in 2005, It became infinitely more clear how important these chapters in our lives are — moments like pregnancy, infancy, and certain stages of family life. 

I realized my purpose was to help you hold on to those memories.

Being a mom and a cancer survivor, I know how important it is to step outside of the busyness of life and capture these moments so you have them always.

Professional photographs are nothing less than a gift of love to yourself and to your loved ones. 

Portraiture by Jen, Warren, MI Photographer

I hope you’ll allow me to put your memories into your hands.

Your beautiful baby has arrived. There are moments (usually when your new son or daughter is sleeping) when you imagine you could just gaze at that little nose and those tiny feet forever, but there are more moments when all you can think about is the next time you can close your eyes for a bit.  

A newborn photo session at my studio or in your home lets you hold on to those early moments forever… so only the spit-up and the sleep deprivation are forgotten.

Maternity photography captures the beauty of pregnancy and the miracle that’s growing inside you. This time of waiting possesses a beauty and an awe that words can’t capture…

But a camera does.

Whether you want an intimate perspective of your changing body, a loving couples portrait, or a family portrait that shows how eager all of you are for your new addition — whatever epitomizes this moment, we’ll discuss how to make that happen.

As your family grows, family portraiture lets you say “This is who we are now.” That might be different than a few years ago.

Hold on to this new moment, because a few years from now, your family will be different than it is at this time. 

Together, we’ll create family photos that you’ll want to share with family and friends and also display forever on your walls.

"Memories are pictures in your heart, but photographs are memories in your hands."

—Jennifer DeVera